Strippers in the Attic

Models vs strippers

January 12, 2023 SITA Podcasting Ltd Season 3 Episode 2
Strippers in the Attic
Models vs strippers
Show Notes

Both parade on a stage wearing very few clothes. Both entertain older men in private rooms. One does so for no money at the instruction of agencies who exploit them. The other controls their earnings and the men they work with keep them safe. Guess which one’s acceptable at dinner parties? Buffy and Heaven try to work out the morality of a society that venerates exploited skinny teenage models and sneers at strippers who earn a decent living and enjoy their body shape. Go figure.

Stripper Union links

Model Union's are a little more complicated but if you are in the UK you can join Equity as a fashion model. You can also join SDA if you are based in Australia. Unfortunately this is not helpful for international travel, which is a big part of most working models jobs...

This episode is bought to you by SITA Podcasting Ltd, Hosted by Buffy and Heaven, produced by Stephen Armstrong and Sophie Cohen, edited by Adam Grigg, original soundtrack by Myron Cohen and Hart McNee.

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